Shorten Your Resume

March 28, 2017

The best way to ensure a hiring manager knows you're the person they've been looking for is to make a great impression via your resume


Hiring managers are looking through piles of candidates and if they get to your resume and it's three pages long, they may not even read it.


Here are a few ways to shorten your resume template to make sure it gets read:


  • Take the highlights of your career and put them at the top.

  • Cut out project details and choose one or two of your greatest moments.

  • Create a title that combines what you do and will do for the position you're applying for.

  • Cut out extra words such as: very, extremely, incredibly, exceptional.

  • Widen your page margins and reduce font sizes.

  • For experience, list your 4 or 5 most recent positions or around 15 - 25 years is generally acceptable.

  • Don't list supervisor's names, your pay, or hours you worked. That just takes up space.


If you use other tricks to shorten your resume, please comment below!

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March 28, 2017

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