Fine Tune Your Resume

March 22, 2017


Do you have a resume? Of course you do! Everyone has at least something put together - and even if you have a foot in the door from a referral, the first question will be, “Do they have a resume I could see?”


There are many different approaches to writing a resume and you can find many resume builders and templates online, but you don't need to start a new one from scratch. Keep your current resume template and your sections while keeping these 7 resume tips in mind and you’ll be the person they want to see next!


  1. Give yourself a title such as Mechanical Engineer, Journeyman Machinist etc

  2. A resume is a story. Your story. Make me want to read it!

  3. Bullet points are for skills, not a list of what you did in a previous position.

  4. Two pages. Tops.

  5. For education: List where, when and degree achieved. That's enough, unless certain courses are specific to the job. 

  6. Make your name the largest words on the page so the hiring manager will remember it!

  7. Read it. Again. Now read it again! A single typo can be the difference between landing an interview and going to the recucle bin. 


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