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Should I have more than one resume?

I get this question from time to time when talking to my job seekers and my answer is always this:

Your resume should be aligned to the role you are applying to. If that requires a new resume with a new focus then yes, if it fits into the requirements of the role then no.

It can depend on your profession, background, and areas of expertise. Jobs can vary from broad in scope to very specific and narrow. Look back on your experience and the jobs you've had. You've probably had some experience in both of these scenarios. As we progress through our careers, we work at different companies that have different philosophies on how their employees play their roles. You may find the larger the organization, the more narrow your job responsibilities get. Then at a smaller company you were expected not only to manage an operations team, but also do your own recruiting. We all meander through our area of expertise and what's expected of us may spill over into different areas of a given company. I have had Human Resources jobs that have included Public Relations. I've also worked in recruiting where that was all I was expected to do. You'll need to do a self assessment of your background and how your skillsets fit the position you're applying to.

So before you submit your resume to the employer you can take the test with an open book. Look over the job description and the requirements listed for the ideal candidate. Now compare that to your resume. You may need to narrow the scope of your skillsets, or maybe you can broaden it out. Then you can look at the terminology they have used to describe certain job functions and incorporate that into your resume if it is not there. You might also read the description and say to yourself, “Yeah I know how to do that, but I don’t have it on my resume.” The more closely your resume is aligned to the position you're applying to the better chance you'll have to pass the seven second resume test.

There is nothing wrong with tailoring the content of your resume to the job you're applying to. The recruiter reading it has no idea if this is the only one you have, or one of many. Hone in on the requirements listed in the description and utilize your resume as a way to highlight the skills and experience you’ve obtained in your career to line up with what they're looking for.

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